Welcome to Spenbeck 2.0!

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We’re delighted to welcome you to our new shop front as Spenbeck’s launches its three new consultancy support services with its brand new website. 

Using our 40 years’ award-winning expertise in curating and hosting bespoke and sustainable heritage offices as our foundation, we are thrilled to be providing support services with work environment optimisation and sustainability at their core. 

We’ve always implicitly understood the importance of an organisation’s real estate in the successful recruitment and retention of its staff and clients.  Having spent the last decade transforming our flagship Birkin Building into eco-heritage offices and attracting some of the region’s top companies, we believe now is the right time to use our wide-ranging knowledge to help others through the creation of Interior Design, Sustainability and Building Health consultancy support. 

Given the upheaval of the last three years and the urgency in which sustainable and healthy businesses become essential, Becky, Lead of Sustainability, Wellbeing & Building Health, and recent winner of the regional Green Leader Award is excited about Spenbeck’s diversification into version 2.0.  “Spenbeck believes in a world where more holistic, healthy buildings are the norm; a vision which interweaves design, sustainability, inclusion and wellness. With their ever-increasing focus and compliance requirements, it’s important that we share our expertise and experience to enhance the wellbeing and sustainability of others.  I’m relishing the opportunity to help fellow SMEs simplify the overwhelm and collaborate to support real change that will be essential for organisations to thrive”.

As Lead of Heritage Regeneration, Lettings & Design, Victoria is proficient in fusing heritage character with modern working environments, answering modern-day design dilemmas. “The workplace has changed immeasurably post-pandemic and with recruitment & wellbeing more important than ever, it’s an exciting time to work with clients to challenge their perceptions of what’s possible, creating social hubs for people to come together to engage, work and socialise”.  Spenbeck recognises the challenges fellow SMEs are currently experiencing and strongly believes that innovative interior solutions shouldn’t just be the preserve of larger corporations with bigger budgets.  “Everyone should be able to benefit from the positive outcomes of creative & considered design”, a belief that is reinforced across all our support services. 

Anyone either in or working with a family businesses will understand how tricky the line is to walk between respecting their past while not letting it entirely define their future.  What is particularly energising for us is that through these avenues of support we are combining our entrepreneurial nous and passion for helping others with what multi-award-winning Spenbeck has always done, build enduring working relationships that enable clients to thrive.

Huge thanks to The Dairy creative agency, Ursula Kelly Photography and Studio Softbox whose talents have combined to truly showcase what Spenbeck has to offer.  

Enjoy having a browse around our new website to see in detail who we are, what we’ve achieved over the last 40 years and how we can support you.  To chat with us click the ‘get in touch’ button or call us on 0115 910 0101 and we look forward to hearing from you.