Building Health

Holistic Support

Our approach to building health prioritises prevention, not mitigation. We work with you to improve such elements as natural light, thermal comfort, air quality and noise reduction to create environments where groups and individuals can thrive and perform to the best of their ability.

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Understanding your Needs

From optimising your wellbeing policies to delivering real-time indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments, we’ll partner with you to highlight specific areas of concern where your premises require targeted improvements and evidence areas of strength. Investing in building health is a significant differentiator for your brand – improving your reputation and driving staff and client recruitment – especially with the Gen Z audience.

Work with us

Defining Healthy Spaces

Building health focuses on optimising working environments to help people and businesses realise their potential. The practice originates from detailed research on sick building syndrome – which works to improve up to twelve elements of the working environment that are proven to impact on mental and physical health, as well as wellbeing and productivity. Together, we’ll set you on the right path to meet your specific needs and budget:

  • Occupant perception surveys
  • Impact training and INSET workshops
  • ‘The Pulse’ building audit, including indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring
  • Office redesign and new premises support

Through our in-depth knowledge of what makes a healthy working environment, we also work with businesses and schools to optimise workspaces and social environments in order to maximise employee health and wellbeing and allow groups and individuals to flourish. You will benefit from:

  • Meeting the forthcoming British Standard on building health (BS40102) and the current BB101 guidance for schools
  • Making a significant contribution to your sustainability and ESG targets


The Spenbeck Difference

Thanks to over ten years of award-winning experience, we’re familiar with the nuances that come with successfully optimising workplaces of different shapes, sizes and historic backgrounds. We understand the importance for those with limited budgets and capacities of providing targeted support where it will make the most impact and achieving marginal gains.

The benefits of investing in building health are immediate and cost-neutral for you, your business and your people – bridging the gap between Facilities and HR departments to improve the environment within which your teams thrive.