What’s in a Cupboard?

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To anyone else, the answer is nothing! It’s just an empty space with shelves. A practical place for storage, to hide away the day-to-day clutter of an office.

But to Victoria and I, for the last 20 years it has represented so much more than the stationary cupboard it was. Full, often to bursting, with paper, folders, staples and envelopes, it developed a key role in our lives as it resourced job applications, dissertation drafts and so much more.

Only when clearing it out, as we did last week, did it hit me just how integral it had become to the progression of our lives, having become the go-to place to support our ever-changing home and work existences. Strange as it may seem, only now do I realise how much it came to be a key part of the family and our business – providing refuge for the hoarding tendencies of some, and the foundation for a toddler masterpiece for others.

As I looked at its emptiness, reduced once more to its utilitarian role, it finally hit home how much we will miss our previous HQ at 23 Kings Court. It had quietly positioned itself as the fifth member of our family business, and as the dust settles on another lease secured during lockdown to wonderful new tenants Eden PR, the surfacing emotions of moving to pastures new cannot be denied.

What’s in a cupboard? Turns out a great deal more than I would have ever realised!