Upgrading The Birkin Building – HAZ Phase II is Set to Begin!

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We are excited to announce that Phase II of our Heritage Action Zone-supported renovation of The Birkin Building, home to our contemporary creative space in the heart of The Lace Market, is due to begin this month. 

These renovations are part of a city-wide Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) scheme, supported and funded by Historic England and Nottingham City Council. Providing businesses with up to £50,000, this project aims to see historic features reinstated, protecting ‘at-risk’ conservation areas while improving the condition and appearance of buildings to restore their historic character and revealing Nottingham’s ‘history to secure its future conservation’. 

In 2019, we were thrilled to receive funding to improve the exterior of the iconic Birkin Building in Broadway. Once home to Birkin & Co’s world-renowned laceworks and later the setting of beloved Nottingham nightclub Faces, The Birkin Building is currently home to our tenant businesses in the heart of Nottingham city centre. 

HAZ Phase I enhanced The Birkin Building’s stonework to emphasise original features, refurbished and painted its large windows and gave the top of the building an impressive sandstone finish

While the Grade II-listed building still retains the historic character of a 19th-century lace warehouse, boasting a striking appearance that commands attention even amongst Lace Market’s sprawl of Victorian streets, don’t let its exterior fool you.

Since 2012, we have refurbished and developed 50,000 sq ft of space in The Birkin Building and nearby St Mary’s Gate. Embracing a balance of the old and the new, we have retrofitted these iconic buildings with contemporary creative space fit for modern work. Our high ceilings and tall windows allow an abundance of natural light, while the cross-ventilation in all our buildings make for a COVID-safe environment. All our spaces are customisable to suit your needs, and are just five minutes’ walk away from Nottingham Train Station!

Kickstarting Spenbeck’s 40th anniversary year celebrations, the final phase of these renovations will follow 2019’s hugely successful Phase I, which received widespread attention from national media. While Phase I resulted in the refurbishment of the exterior of Eight to Twelve Broadway, Phase II is set to give a similar facelift to Two to Six (also located in The Birkin Building), restoring and accentuating the original historical features of one of Nottingham’s most recognisable buildings.

Following on from 2019’s renovations, Phase II will continue to enhance our creative space in the Birkin Building through:

  • The refurbishment and painting of The Birkin Building’s 88 windows, which flood our creative space with natural light 
  • The repair and high-pressure cleaning of the building’s stone and brickwork façade, improving the external appearance of this majestic building 
  • The indentation of stone where required, and appropriate re-rending and re-pointing where necessary
  • The installation of a passenger lift to improve accessibility to and inclusivity of the building
  • The refurbishment of the original rooflight, one of the largest in The Lace Market

Once completed, Phase II will give this area of Broadway the same transformation seen around the corner, restoring the Victorian street to its 19th-century splendour.

Renovation work is projected to be completed by the end of spring 2021, and we are doing all we can to minimise disruption where possible. For regular updates on these renovations, check out our Twitter and Instagram channels!

To find out more about The Lace Market’s crowning jewel, The Birkin Building, head to this fantastic archive designed by our previous tenants Kind, a digital agency that supports sustainable and socially-responsible clients to engage, educate and inspire their audiences. 

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Matteo Everett