The SDGs: Meeting Spenbeck’s Social Goals

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Social sustainability is defined by the UN Global Compact as ‘identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people.’  Here at Spenbeck, we are committed to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, providing holistically sustainable offices in which companies can thrive. So how do we achieve these goals?

SDG 4: Quality Education 

As public access is not possible across our historic office portfolio, we have created an online archive to celebrate The Birkin Building, one of Nottingham’s most sought-after office addresses. An immersive and interactive experience with virtual tours, artefacts and more, its aim is to provide widespread education about this building’s significant role in the industrial and social development of Nottingham’s Lace Market. 

We have also worked in partnership with University of Nottingham in hosting interns to assist across our operations, ensuring they are given the autonomy and freedom to have an authentic and positive impact on the company.

Goals 5 &10: Gender Inequality & Reducing Inequalities

As a female-owned and led company, Spenbeck strives to decrease the gender inequality of leadership positions by setting an example. Becky is a mental health first aider and trustee at Autism East Midlands, while for over 10 years Victoria has been a trustee at Emmanuel House, supporting Nottingham’s homeless and vulnerable. Through these positions we continually develop diverse experience to ensure both our offices and wider business support are as inclusive as possible.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Creating and maintaining a sustainable local environment is our lifeblood at Spenbeck. Across our office portfolio, we offer waste and battery recycling provision alongside a food waste composting scheme.

Situated in the heart of the Creative Quarter, all our tenants have access to well-connected public transport links in addition to being only a five minutes’ walk from The Lace Market Tram Stop and ten minutes away from Nottingham Train Station. Moreover, our on-site covered bike racks and handy repair kits, as well as our tenant showers and lockers, actively promote sustainable commuting. 

Across both generations Spenbeck has consistently been at the heart of community involvement, effecting real change in delivering a sustainable Nottingham.  Currently Victoria sits on the city’s Heritage Panel while Becky is a Nottingham Civic Society board member.

Goal 17: Partnerships For The Goals 

For over 40 years we have strived to provide a platform for collaboration and co-creation by seeking partnerships with other businesses and organisations. As a micro-SME we know just how essential these are in developing and meeting our sustainability and wider objectives, while supporting other SMEs to do the same.  

In our 2021 survey ‘Generation Z and Workplace Sustainability’, 85.7% of Gen Z participants agreed that businesses should implement the SDGs as much as possible. SMEs play a key role in the economy, contributing to economic growth and employment. As a result, we hope to empower, inspire and motivate other SMEs to do the same and to lead the way in effectively integrating the SDGs into their business practices.

If you are looking to embed environmental and social goals into your operations or  are looking to move into a sustainable workplace, please do get in touch [link here to contact form on the website] and explore how we can help. 

Anousha Bhugun & Becky Valentine