Spenbeck Is Thriving. So Could You

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 While 2020 might come to be remembered (amongst other things) as the year of Working from Home, nine months of Zoom fatigue have left workers and businesses craving dedicated spaces where they can knuckle down and crack on with their tasks as a team.  As such, businesses big and small have been flocking back to their offices in search of autonomy, tranquillity and some sense of normality.

And who can blame them? As well as stifling productivity, creativity and motivation and acting as a barrier to cooperation, online meetings can be disconcerting and liable to distractions. But it’s not just productivity that suffers as a result of remote working. 

A recent survey conducted by Nuffield Health, Britain’s largest healthcare charity, found that 80% of Brits feel that working from home has negatively affected their mental health. This is hardly surprising. After all, when we don’t have any tangible barriers between our living and work spaces, it’s easy to find ourselves in a fog of apparently limitless flexibility, which can result in some tediously late starts and even later finishing times. Add to this the increased time spent looking at screens thanks to all those pesky Zoom meetings, the potential strains on relationships resulting from sharing your home workspace with others, and the sense of claustrophobia and isolation that comes with staying in one place all day, and it’s little wonder that businesses and individuals are looking to find offices with renewed vigour.

We are Working to Make our Offices Work for You

As a family-run office supplier, Spenbeck has received an exceptional amount of business in the last few months. We have been proactive in introducing COVID-safety measures to our in-demand creative office spaces in the heart of Nottingham’s Lace Market, from supplying antibac plates to installing minimal-touch bathroom doors in our washrooms. We are introducing steam cleaning services to complement the natural cross-ventilation enjoyed by tenants currently occupying our spacious refurbished Victorian buildings, while our decision to replace hand dryers with disposable paper towels was a necessary measure to ensure hygiene across our office portfolio.

These measures have been well-received. While our bespoke offices are continuing to attract new clients, many of our current tenants continued working from our COVID-safe buildings while the rest of the world switched online. Though our move towards flexible hybrid social spaces is attracting new tenants, we haven’t forgotten our buildings’ current residents. We are working closely with our valued clients to make them feel safe and comfortable, doing our best to meet our tenants’ needs and reconfiguring their offices to suit. 

“A Lace Market office location was key for us to grow and a Spenbeck office ticked all the boxes. The landlords’ proactivity and flexibility of bespoke fit out makes us feel that the office is our own, rather than a rented space. The high ceilings, exposed Victorian features in the former lace warehouse and becoming part of Spenbeck’s tenant community means we have found the perfect place to connect with other businesses, and attract and retain staff and clients, enabling us to thrive.”


 Why are our offices still in demand when many commercial real estate companies across the globe are suffering? The answer is simple. Spenbeck continues to provide a personalised service, going above and beyond to help our tenants feel safe and at home in our upmarket properties. From installing workplace showers and unisex toilets at our tenants’ request to introducing a wealth of safety measures, we are working to make our offices work for you.

Our buildings’ large windows allow for natural cross-ventilation while flooding creative office spaces with natural light and providing gorgeous views of the Broadway in the heart of Nottingham’s Victorian Lace Market

What’s more, our modern offices retrofitted in iconic historical buildings (such as Nottingham’s famous Birkin Building) continue to attract tenants who are searching for flexible workspace in the heart of the city. Being only a two minutes’ walk away from The Lace Market tram stop, five minutes from Old Market Square and ten minutes away from Nottingham Train Station, our creative spaces provide the ideal setting for your business to thrive.

We are currently upgrading The Birkin Building!

HAZ Phase II is underway, refurbishing the exterior of Nottingham’s iconic former lace warehouse. To find out more about these changes, check out our blog post on the refurbishments, or follow our Instagram and Twitter channels for regular updates!

We have been upholding Nottingham’s heritage for the last four decades, including through the renovation of the Birkin Building in the home of the Lace Market

If you’ve had enough of working from home or just fancy a change, get in touch to arrange a viewing and find out how we can help your company thrive.