Carbon Literacy Facilitator Certification for Becky! 

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Hot on the heels of supporting Nottingham Business School deliver carbon literacy training to the Nottingham BID, Becky has been officially certified as a Carbon Literacy Facilitator by the Carbon Literacy Organisation. 

Since becoming carbon literate in November 2020, sustainability has been at the core of Becky’s role leading on sustainability, wellbeing and building health. 

A recent alumnus of the Business School, Becky was a natural for the role, taking her own literacy training and combining it with her widespread industry experience and extensive use of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support the BID companies in their carbon literacy journey. 

The Facilitator role enables her to revisit her teaching roots, delivering her mission to simplify the overwhelm and empower, motivate and inspire companies and individuals to integrate holistic sustainability in a way that recognises and respects commercial reality.  Though now the students are a lot less problematic than before!   

As Spenbeck continues to widen its sustainability support through the launch of our dedicated sustainability consultancy service, Becky’s Facilitator certification complements her recent East Midlands Green leader award in giving confidence to potential clients in Spenbeck’s offer in what is an increasingly confusing market.